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New York City isn't the only place where journalism lives and thrives.

As a West Coast journalist, it can be hard and even sometimes depressing looking through job board after job description saying a really great opportunity is based in New York City. Most freelance resources are for journalists in NYC. Most journalism organizations only have events in NYC. I’ve been there. I know.

Introducing the West Coast Media Jobs & More newsletter, hoping to pick up where Run Gomez’s much-beloved missed CA Media Jobs newsletter left off. The goal for this newsletter is to be an inclusive resource and community for journalists in California and the Pacific Northwest.

There are two components to the newsletter: the main jobs edition, which you’ll be subscribed to by default, and an optional supplement called West Coast Media Jobs Extra.

Just want the job listings? No problem!

That’s the main edition of West Coast Media Jobs, sent out every Wednesday. It’ll have a curated list of jobs, some cool links, and more. When you subscribe, that’s the main newsletter you’ll get no matter what.

Included in this is the Quarterly Gig Seekers Thread, which all job and gig seekers are welcome to submit a comment about themselves and share their awesome work for hiring managers to see. Self-promote away! As the name suggests, the thread is sent out every three months.

Looking for a little extra?

Well, we’ve got that, too! Not everyone wants the non-job listing email and I understand that. So, I started West Coast Media Jobs Extra as a 100% free supplemental edition you can opt-in to, if you want — totally optional. It’ll have tips, Q&As, and other features in your inbox 1-3 times a month.

How to opt-in:

It’s easy! Go to your WCMJ Substack account page and check the box next to “West Coast Media Jobs Extra.” See the screenshot below.

Once you do that, you’re all set!

You missed a bunch of excellent open positions — how can I get them into the newsletter?

Oh no! Unfortunately, that does happen sometimes. This is a one-woman show run by me, Mallory, and I work full-time. You are always, always welcome to submit job postings via Twitter @WestMediaJobs or @MalloryCarra (DM or tag us!), via email hello(at)westcoastmediajobs.com, or this Google form.

🐦 Tweet & Tag!

📩 Send over those open roles!

Feel free to submit any details or context about the open role, too! I’d love to include that.

This all sounds great, but you didn’t address my question.

Feel free to reach out to me in any of the above ways and I’ll try to help! Thanks so much for reading.

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